Oxidizers for the catalytic abatement of solvents and odours contained in gaseous flows, with energy recovery .

Our company produces the catalyst for the catalytic oxidation of gaseous flows.
It is a monolith catalyst with platinum and metals of the platinum group, deposited very finely dispersed, on a ceramic honeycomb type support.
The catalyst facilitate the reaction between the oxygen of the air and the volatile organic compounds (with bad smells or harmful) contained into the gaseous effluent to be purified. With the use of our catalyst it is possible to reach very high destruction efficiency (close to 100%) of the volatile organic compounds which are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water, absolutely harmless.
By using the catalyst the oxidation reaction can take place at a temperature generally comprised between 200C and 400C, according to the organics to be oxized.
The structure by open cells of a monolyth catalyst makes very low the pressure drop of the gaseous flow across the catalytic bed .


Incineration systems with ceramic beds


1) Suitable for the abatement of big air flows.
2) Expendable.
3) High temperature combustion systems, with very high destruction efficiency.
4) 95% heat recovery.
5) Heat recovery by ceramic beds.
6) Very low fuel consumption (about 18 times less in comparison with a conventional incinerator)
7) Valves operation extremely safe and efficien

Concentrator And Separator Of Solvents. It's common knowledge that the solvents present in the air in low concentrations are recoverable with difficulty.
This device allows to concentrate and separate solvents dispersed in the polluted air; this allows to treat big quantities of polluted airwith reduced costs .

1) Organic solvents can be concentrated and separated from low concentration polluted air.
2) High deodorizing efficiency and continuos air purification.
3) Low operation costs.
4) Long life of the plant.
5) Compared with a direct incineration system, the fuel consumption can be reduced in combination with a catalytic oxidizer or an existing oven and, on the same time, the released heat can be recovered